Love Was Always The Reason

The Reason was Always Love

“Love Was Always The Reason” original by Kim Nelson

make love the reason

Reading lots of Franciscan literature lately, I’ve been inspired to focus on living from a perspective of love and letting go of judgement. It’s so easy to make assumptions and take a stand in reference to others’ actions. I want to remember that experience informs behaviors; and I often do not know what another has been through.

practice letting go

So to better understand others and to do my part to bridge the widening American social divide, I make the effort to let go of assumptions and judgement, to look for the good in others, and to understand the meaning of their words and their actions.

a gathering of contraries is the school of love

And I remind myself that exposure to otherness, difference, something/one not of my ilk provides the opportunity to grow in love. Seems the best possible reason to seek that which is not quite like me.

what are your thoughts?

How do you make your world a little better?

How can we close the widening divide? 

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I painted this the day President Donald J Trump forsook his promise to represent and protect the LGTBQ community.

Consider Monet

Consider Monet. 

He painted his entire adult life. As he aged, his eyesight failed, but he continued to paint despite a condition that shut down the creative output of many of his peers. In fact, his vision was terribly impaired when he painted his most famous works. He persisted. 

This morning, I considered Monet when I sat down with my practice journal. I vow to persist.


Create Everyday

Create Every day. That’s my motto. Be a maker, a baker, a writer, poet, painter. Be a parent, a gardener, musician, caregiver. Create. Every Day!  

I’ve created art all my life. I received my first oil painting kit when I was 8 or 10; (Do you remember, Mom?) and I never stopped making. I rarely shared my work, but that’s changing. 

Here is one of the recents:

Original Art

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