Love Was Always The Reason

The Reason was Always Love

“Love Was Always The Reason” original by Kim Nelson

make love the reason

Reading lots of Franciscan literature lately, I’ve been inspired to focus on living from a perspective of love and letting go of judgement. It’s so easy to make assumptions and take a stand in reference to others’ actions. I want to remember that experience informs behaviors; and I often do not know what another has been through.

practice letting go

So to better understand others and to do my part to bridge the widening American social divide, I make the effort to let go of assumptions and judgement, to look for the good in others, and to understand the meaning of their words and their actions.

a gathering of contraries is the school of love

And I remind myself that exposure to otherness, difference, something/one not of my ilk provides the opportunity to grow in love. Seems the best possible reason to seek that which is not quite like me.

what are your thoughts?

How do you make your world a little better?

How can we close the widening divide? 

Share your thoughts in the comments section!


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Red Mountain

Red Mountain, Prints Available

Red Mountain, Original Acrylic by Kim Nelson


who doesn’t love red?

I love red in the dining room. Have you ever noticed that lots of traditional or continental restaurants have red walls, seating or art? Red makes us hungry, I suppose; but it also makes us happy and conversational. 

Speaking of conversations

I recently went to a community dinner at Old Vine Cafe located in The Camp in Orange County, California where bold pieces by local artists hung on the walls, great food came out in six courses and informative conversations flowed. We talked about art, travel, food and wine and life in an engaged community. If you have a chance to attend a community or wine dinner, DO IT! You’ll be glad you did. And maybe you’ll see some good local art and enjoy a lively conversation.

and local art…

The original Red Mountain is not available, but you can order prints in every size and shape from my shop. And if you want to see more, follow me on Instagram where I post daily.

A Sweet Little Piece Called POP!

Pop! Prints are available in my shop. Email me regarding the sweet 5"x7" original.

POP! ~ original 5×7 watercolor & ink

Busy Making Art!

I’ve been busy making art, photographing projects, editing images and revamping my shop, and my shoulder has been telling me it needed attention. I regularly stretch my arms, shoulders and back, get bodywork when I can, work with a trainer 2-3 times a week and live an active lifestyle. Maybe TOO active, it turns out. 

Visiting The POP Doc

A couple months ago I saw a new orthopedic doc who hoped  adhesive capsulitis was the source of my limited mobility and pain, and not the obvious-on-the-x-ray degenerative joint disease (osteoarthritis).  I got an ultrasound guided cortisone injection and felt great after about a week. The pain was gone and I was good to go. For only 7 weeks. Then the pain advanced like wildfire!

I returned to my doctor, who suggested I dial back on the work outs, rest the shoulder when possible, and rely on specifically designed stretches. He also broke the news that I need a total shoulder replacement.  YIKES!!

POP!  UGH! Surprise?

This was not a total surprise. I have fairly advanced arthritis, which started pestering me when I was 40; but I thought my shoulders would last into my  sixties or seventies, not give out at 58.  So I’m scheduled for another injection and hope that one holds longer, putting off the surgery decision-making process. 

How About You?

Have you had shoulder or other joint issues? Tell me about your successful treatment plans. I’m curious!

Why This Artwork?

This pretty little piece is called “POP!” and I post it here because my shoulder does exactly that… all the time! 🙂


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POP! printed tote bag available in my shop!

Pop! Tote Bag






I painted this the day President Donald J Trump forsook his promise to represent and protect the LGTBQ community.